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Unique Advantages

Why should your campaign choose to use direct mail as a means for fund raising?  What does direct mail have that other mediums do not?
Consider these unique attributes —

  • Aside from a personal visit or telephone call, direct mail is the most personal form of communication you can have with your donors.  The relationship that you will build with your donors (and voters!) through direct mail is invaluable. 
  • Direct mail is the most efficient method of collecting financial support from tens of thousands of Americans all across the nation. 
  • Studies show that the type of person who donates via direct mail is also the type of person most likely to vote.  Direct mail will increase your candidate’s visibility with that key demographic.
  • While internet fund raising has increased over the years, direct mail remains the top source for raising money for political campaigns.  No major campaign has ever been successful without a direct mail program! 
  • Aside from raising much-needed campaign funds, direct mail also allows you to advertise your candidate to hundreds of thousands of voters, killing two birds with one stone.
  • We can coordinate your internet fund raising initiatives with direct mail.  Direct mail is a key way to increase your e-mail lists, as well as identify new online donors. 
  • It has been tested and proven!  Direct mail has been the most efficient method of raising money on a large scale for decades. 

Direct mail fund raising is truly a unique fund raising medium. It's the foundation upon which practically every campaign — both big and small — depends to build their financial base.