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Award-winning Packages

Eberle Associates has been recognized with annual awards from both the International Direct Marketing Association as well as from the Direct Marketing Association of Washington. In fact, our walls are covered with plaques and awards for excellence in direct mail fund raising.

Since the company’s founding 43 years ago, Eberle Communications Group, Eberle Associate's parent company, has won over 100 local, national, and international awards for excellence in the creation and coordination of direct mail fund raising packages for our clients.

Just some of our awards include:

14 ECHO Awards.  An award ceremony with worldwide scope and vision, The Direct Mail Association International’s Echo Awards honor direct mail fund raisers from around the globe.   In 14 separate occasions, Eberle Communications Group has been presented with one of these prestigious prizes.

3 Pollie Awards.  The American Association of Political Consultants presents Pollie Awards to worthy recipients working in all aspects of American political life.  For our work raising funds for advocacy groups, nonprofit organizations, and candidates for office, Eberle Communications Group has been recognized 3 times.

85 MAXIs. (Marketing Award for Excellence and Innovation).  For the last 38 years, the Direct Mail Association of Washington has bestowed these awards to honor direct mail packages that elicit hugely successful returns.  Eberle Communications Group has been recognized 85 times over the decades.

5 Fundraising Success Awards.  Every year, Fundraising Success Magazine honors successful fund raising appeals through an exciting awards ceremony.  Eberle Communications Group has been recognized for its work on 5 separate occasions.