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Corporate Values

Integrity: Our Most Prized Possession

More than anything else, Eberle Associates is known for its integrity. Not just the kind of integrity that does what's right when it's good for business, but the kind of integrity that does what's right when nobody is looking and that does what's right even when it hurts. As one client said, "I know that when I turn my back, you'll do what's right."

In any long-term relationship there are always problems. And humans being human, mistakes do occur. It's how we handle those problems and those mistakes that has given us a reputation for integrity over the past three decades.

We believe in complete satisfaction guaranteed, no matter the cost. If we make a mistake we will not only make you financially whole, we will take whatever steps you ask us to take to meet your complete satisfaction.

When problems happen, you'll hear about them first from us. We won't sugarcoat them, and we won't gloss over them. And we'll not only tell you the truth, we'll suggest a solution. But you'll have the final word when it comes to solving the problem to your complete satisfaction.

Nothing beats integrity when it comes to building trust in a relationship. And without mutual trust, excellence is impossible. Worse yet, passion without integrity is a recipe for disaster.

The Eberle Way

Eberle Associates is a family of talented and dedicated individuals who share common aspirations. We strive for these goals through a personal commitment to the following values:

  1. Priorities. We keep ours straight . . . God, family, country, business.
  2. In business, clients come first. Their success is our success.
  3. Quality through commitment. There is no other way.
  4. Innovation without risk doesn't exist. Go for it!
  5. There is no substitute for integrity.
  6. Mutual trust. We can't do our best without it.
  7. Everyone a leader. Everyone a team player. It's the key to excellence.
  8. Courtesy is a must.
  9. Pride. We're proud of what we do. We're proud of each other.
  10. Fun. We enjoy work. We enjoy life.