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Our Million Dollar Hall of Fame

Over the years, a number of direct mail appeals have generated exceptional results. The packages pictured below are just a few of those that generated returns of more than $1,000,000 and several have topped $2,000,000. Perhaps you have seen some of these packages in your mail box. Wouldn't it be nice to see your fund appeal framed and hanging in our $1,000,000 hall?

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Citizens for Reagan
1976 Presidential Campaign Package
This letter signed by Ronald Reagan was the most successful of the 1976 Reagan for President campaign and the most successful fund appeal for a candidate for President until that time. It not only raised more than $1,000,000 dollars, but generated more than 60,000 vital donors for the Reagan campaign.

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Institute of American Relations
General John Singlaub Package
President Jimmie Carter unwisely fired U.S. Army General John Singlaub, decorated World War II Veteran and the Commander of U.S. Forces in the Republic of South Korea because General Singlaub educated his troops about the dangers of Communism. Americans across the nation were justly outraged. Very shortly after General Singlaub returned to the United States he agreed to sign a fund appeal on behalf of the Institute of American Relations. Although written under an extremely tight deadline, this package generated more than 50,000 donors in less than 12 months.

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Stacey Koon Defense Fund
Emergency Package
By carefully editing a home video that was aired nationally, the news networks created the impression that LAPD Sergeant Stacey Koon was engaged in police brutality. When a California jury ruled Sergeant Koon and his fellow officers not guilty, rioting broke out. A second trial claiming that Sergeant Koon had violated Rodney King's civil rights was held. It was a tough environment in which to raise funds, but this package and another one signed by Sergeant Koon's wife generated more than 130,000 donors. Sergeant Koon eventually achieved victory at the U.S. Supreme Court and was exonerated by subsequent dispassionate studies of the case.

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Southeastern Legal Foundation
Gary Aldrich Defense Package
FBI Agent, Gary Aldrich, was thrilled and honored to be assigned to serve in the Clinton White House. But when he witnessed first hand the abuse of power and the misuse of IRS information for political purposes, he was aghast. He decided he had no other choice but to publish a book after he left the FBI. When he tried to do so, he was blocked at every turn. When he finally did, he found himself under personal attack by the White House itself, and facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit. The fund appeal sent out under the auspices of the Southeastern Legal Foundation generated nearly 75,000 donors as well as the funds needed for his defense.

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Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund
Blake Hubbard Package
When a fellow officer was attacked with a large knife Blake Hubbard was left with no other alternative but to shoot the assailant. Although the situation was clear cut, the police department bent under political pressure from radical civil rights organizations and charged Officer Hubbard with second degree murder. The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund came to Officer Hubbard's aid and through their efforts all charges were dismissed. The fund appeal that generated the funds necessary to aid Blake Hubbard is shown here. It is just one of several fund appeals on behalf of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund that have raised more than $1,000,000.

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Mountain States Legal Foundation
Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth Package
When the U.S. Congress refused to go along with a huge land grab in the Western States, President Clinton ignored them and did it anyway by issuing an Executive Order. Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth appealed to the Mountain States Legal Foundation for help. The letter seeking funds was signed by Congresswoman Chenoweth and raised the money needed to fight President Clinton's Executive Order in the federal courts.

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Michael New Legal Defense Fund
American Sovereignty Package
Specialist Michael New had served honorably in Operation Desert Storm and he was proud to be a member of the United States Army. But when he was ordered to put on a Blue Beret and serve under the United Nations, he respectfully refused to do so. He offered to transfer to another combat position or to simply resign, but the Clinton White House decided to make an example of him. He was court-martialed and dismissed without an Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Army. But Specialist New fought back in court and the battle continues until this day, thanks to the response of patriotic Americans from coast to coast.

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Radio America
Paul Friedman, M.D. Package
When Hillary Clinton tried to impose socialized medicine on the citizens of the U.S. that would send doctors to jail for 10 years if they treated someone outside of the system, Radio America exposed her radical scheme. And Dr. Paul Friedman courageously signed this fund appeal which generated tens of thousands of donors and the funds needed to air Radio America programs exposing Mrs. Clinton's radical health program.

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Young America's Foundation
Oliver North ROTC Package
Radical professors have always hated the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). They see the ROTC as an extension of the military industrial complex. While college and university administrations are always willing to accept government funds, even from the Department of Defense, many have either banned the ROTC from their campuses or strongly discouraged students from participating. Thankfully, Young America's Foundation has fought back and, with the aid of a letter signed by Lt. Col. Oliver North, has the funds to do so.

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American Civil Rights Union
Scouting Legal Defense Fund Package
When the Boy Scouts™ refused to accept homosexual scoutmasters, they came under attack from the radical left. Using the courts the ACLU endeavored to deny the Scouts access to public facilities. It was just another attempt to dictate the liberal agenda to private organizations. The late Bob Carleson courageously stood up to the ACLU and their allies winning victory after victory in the courts. The funding for that effort was generated to a great extent from this letter and another on the same topic, both of which generated more than $1 million for the American Civil Rights Union, which was founded by Bob Carleson and former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese.

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The Conservative Caucus
Social Security Tax Hike
For more than a quarter of a century The Conservative Caucus has been fighting for freedom and justice on a broad number of fronts. When the Caucus fought against the Social Security tax hike, it touched a raw nerve with the American people. They were justifiably outraged at this tax on a tax. Surviving retirement is difficult enough and this tax on earned benefits would make the task of survival even that more difficult. Ironically it was those same individuals who pretend to be so concerned with the plight of our senior citizens who proposed this tax in the first place. Hypocritical politicians found out just how unhappy American citizens were with their idea when Congressional offices were inundated with letters and telephone calls protesting this unfair burden on those who had paid into this already less-than-generous mandatory retirement system. Americans not only wrote letters and made telephone calls, they also responded generously with tens of thousands of donations to help The Conservative Caucus in this important battle.