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Leadership Team

The leadership of Eberle Associates consists of two primary groups, the Copywriting/Account Executive team and the Management Team. These leaders are responsible for making sure your fund raising program performs to its maximum potential and that it runs like clockwork. Every member of our Leadership Team is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and active member of the conservative movement.

 Management Team
Bruce W. Eberle, Chairman [ View Profile ]
Tammy Lyles Cali, President & Chief Executive Officer [ View Profile ]
William D. Griffiths, Chief Financial Officer [ View Profile ]
Brian Anderson, Vice President and CIO [ View Profile ]
Michael Hiban, President, Omega List Company [ View Profile ]

 Copywriting / Account Executive Team
Michael Garner, Senior Copywriter [ View Profile ]
Ryan Mobley, Senior Copywriter [ View Profile ]
Martin Radigan, Account Executive [ View Profile ]
RJ Robinson, Senior Copywriter [ View Profile ]
Matt Waters, Senior Copywriter [ View Profile ]
Daniel Whitfield, Senior Copywriter [ View Profile ]


 Client Services Team
Rose Heuring, Client Services Manager   [ View Profile ]