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No-Risk Test Mailing

Many organizations would like to try fund raising through direct mail, but are afraid of losing money, rather than raising it.

This concern is perfectly understandable.  Direct mail certainly is not for everyone.  Some organizations thrive on direct mail, and some organizations struggle a bit. 

That is why Eberle Associates offers a no-risk test mailing to organizations that show potential for developing a successful direct mail program. 

Here is what the no-risk test mailing entails:

  • Our expert writers work with you to develop a concept for a fund raising letter.
  • Once the letter is written, Eberle Associates pays 100% of the cost to print and mail the letters.
  • The typical test mailing is sent out to about 40,000 prospects.
  • If the letter nets money, Eberle Associates gives you projections on how much money you can likely raise over the next two to three years.  You then have the option of working with us on a continuing direct mail program.  Whatever you decide, the money raised in the test is yours to keep.
  • If the letter does not net money, Eberle Associates will cover the cost.  Your organization never has to pay a dime.
  • Regardless of the outcome, your organization will get a list of all the individuals who donated during our test mailing. 

This no-risk test mailing is the most generous offer you will ever find in the direct mail industry.

We offer this mailing so that we can showcase our services and talents to you.  We are confident that once you see our success and level of professionalism, you will want to work with us for many years to come.

Sadly, about 60% of our test mailings fail to net money.  As mentioned before, direct mail is not for everyone.

If you feel that your organization is one of the 40% that can succeed in the mail, perhaps now is a great time to fill out an application for a no-risk test mailing.

If you’re not sure if direct mail is a good fit for your organization, check out Is Direct Mail Fund Raising For Me?