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What Clients Say About Us

An organization's reputation doesn't depend on what it says about itself, but rather upon what those it serves say about it. Listen to what Ronald Reagan and other past and current clients say about the work Eberle Associates has performed on their behalf over the past 30 years. These individuals and organizations have not only worked with Eberle Associates over the long haul, but have seen how the organization handles problems and challenges that occur in any long-term relationship. They know the character of Eberle Associates and the folks that work there.

You have worked diligently for our cause, not only in our campaign, but also through your efforts to aid other Republican candidates and organizations."
Ronald Reagan

Eberle Associates is the epitome of conservative excellence and professionalism. From the inception of its relationship with Mountain States Legal Foundation, Eberle has accompanied its outstanding fundraising skills with welcomed candor and forthrightness. Finally and most refreshingly, Eberle shares MSLF's commitment to the conservative cause. I cannot recommend Eberle too highly!"
William Perry Pendley, President
Mountain States Legal Foundation

I have tried enough direct mail fund raising organizations to know yours is the best."
James C. Roberts, President
Radio America

The results of this venture have been nothing short of outstanding."
Alfred Regnery, Chairman
Stacey Koon Defense Fund

It has been my pleasure to work with Eberle Associates for more than 25 years. They are the best in the business."
Ron Robinson, President
Young America's Foundation

The constitutional issues we engage have been possible because a well-planned, thoroughly executed program by Eberle Associates has consistently yielded astonishing results."

The fundraising response in this case has been spectacular."
David H. Martin, Chairman
Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund

Well done."
Howard Phillips, Chairman
The Conservative Caucus

There are some good reasons why we will never use any other company. It has a lot to do with professionalism, a lot to do with the extreme courtesy and attention to detail and personal relationship, and of course it has to do with results. But the ingredient that has most impressed us was integrity and openness from day one..."

I knew full well that establishing a direct mail fundraising operation, especially for a brand new organization, was a long-term project, not a get-rich-quick proposition. But thanks to the experience and expertise of the folks at Eberle Associates, Citizen Outreach was raising net money in a fraction of the time I had anticipated. Our ability to fund ongoing projects has been greatly enhanced by the success we've experienced through the direct mail fundraising efforts of Eberle Associates. I couldn't possibly recommend them more highly."
Chuck Muth, President
Citizen Outreach

Eberle is no better than its clients, but its clients are better because of them. Their understanding, wisdom and guidance serves the conservative community well."
Glenn Spencer, President
American Border Patrol

There are hundreds of direct mail firms. If I had to count on one hand the top five, I'd start with Eberle Associates as a first among equals."
James Martin, Chairman
60 Plus Association

Eberle Associates knows the bottom line."
Grover Norquist, Chairman
Americans for Tax Reform

I have found your service to be consistently outstanding."
J.A. (Jay) Parker, President
The Lincoln Institute